October 31, 2019 • Education

Ametros’ Halloween Top 5: Professional Administration Prevents Spooky Things from Happening to Your Claim After Settlement

Ametros Halloween

It is Halloween and getting towards the end of the year. Many primary payers and parties to claims will be looking to settle and resolve matters before the end of the year. Utilizing professional administration can help everyone involved in the resolution of a case avoid “tricks” post-settlement.

  1. Avoid denial of treatment: Medicare is denying post-settlement medical claims when an MSA is involved if a settlement recipient still has funds in their MSA account. Utilizing a professional administrator ensures that proper attestation and accounting occurs to prevent disruption to an individual’s treatment.
  2. Ensure that your account is maximized: Typically, following the incorporation of an allocation after the settlement, those funds are meant to provide for injury-related treatment for the entire life of the individual. Professional administration can serve to extend the life of the fund by obtaining potential discounts and ensuring that treatment is only paid for related to the injury.
  3. Prevent the mishandling of funds: Professional administration ensures that no one will purchase Halloween candy and jack-o-lanterns. Especially as it relates to an MSA, the professional administrator will ensure that only injury-related items and services otherwise covered by Medicare will be reimbursed.
  4. Settle cases with finality: All parties to a claim where there is a post-settlement medical component want to ensure that there will not be risk after resolution. Professional administration provides assurance to everyone involved that there will not be contingent exposure after the settlement.
  5. Don’t go it alone: An individual attempting to self-administer their claim will likely be confused and without resources to properly account for their expenditure on injury-related items and to ensure the integrity of their Medicare or other public benefits. Professional administration provides the resources, support and skilled expertise

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