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Ametros works with structured settlement brokers to serve as a resource addressing future medical concerns the injured party may have. Ametros provides transparency into medical costs so that the broker has information available to present a comprehensive settlement plan. The combination of Professional Administration with a structured settlement is the best way to protect an injured party’s settlement dollars.

Find out how Ametros partners with Structured Settlement Brokers from our President, Porter Leslie
  • Show Post-Settlement Medical Savings
    Bridge the gap by showing medical savings. Ametros can show true medical costs after settlement which can serve as a basis for settlement or a way to provide comfort to the injured party.
  • Solve Complex Benefits Issues
    Ametros’ benefits advisory group can help you sort through complex issues to help build a comprehensive plan for the injured party to protect benefits.
  • Structure and Settle More Cases
    Address settlement issues for both the defense and plaintiff, leading to more settlements and more structures.

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