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Getting Started with Amethyst?

Here's what to expect

Step 1

Once you create a login and password at, you will recieve an email to verify the account. Your digital savings card is ready the second you complete the registration.

Step 2

Within 1-2 days you will receive your Amethyst Welcome packet in the mail. It contains your Amethyst card and three provider instruction cards. You can give the instruction cards to your doctor, provider or pharmacy, so they understand how to bill us.

Step 3

Next, our Care Advocates will call you to explain our processes and gather your doctor and pharmacy information. Our team will help make everything as seamless as possible when using your Amethyst Card.

Step 4

Our Care Advocates will reach out to your doctors and pharmacy to provide them with the new billing information related to your injury.

Using the card

When you go to the doctor or pick up a prescription at your pharmacy, show your Amethyst card just as you would a traditional insurance card.

amethyst screenshot

Online Portal

Visit to view all activities related to your account and see spending and saving trends. If you are going to the portal for the first time, just register by clicking on "Sign up Now" and walk through our online wizard to get your account set up.

Questions? Call us at 1.877.275.7415

Our team speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Ugandan and have reliable translators for other languages. We are also available 24/7 through the chat feature of our website.

Amethyst support
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