CareQuote Conditions & Disclaimers

By utilizing Ametros Financial Corporation’s (“Ametros”) CareQuote product and service, you, the user of CareQuote (“User”) agree to and accept all following Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers.

CareQuote only provides potential estimates of possible costs for healthcare expenses, including prescription drug, treatment and durable medical equipment. These potential estimates are based on CareGuard’s present day negotiated prices with network partners, including pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) partners. Any referenced price and/or cost estimates through CareQuote may vary over time and can be based on specific parameters such as specific drug utilization, drug codes and applicable pharmacies utilized.

Ametros makes no warranties of CareQuote, express or implied, of any kind, for any purposes, to User, including but not limited to, any reflected costs or prices for healthcare expenses or the accuracy of such costs or prices. It is expressly understood and agreed that User assumes any and all risks of using CareQuote.

User agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Ametros, including Ametros’ affiliates and related entities, and each of their respective current and former employees, officers, directors, agents and insurers, collectively and separately, related to any use and reliance on CareQuote, and from any and all claims, demands, damages, causes of action, debts, liabilities, controversies, judgments and suits of every kind and nature, arising out of any use of CareQuote.

Please also refer to Ametros’ Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer page for further information. Any potential discounts or savings for medical treatment, including but not limited to, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and/or healthcare items and services, are not guaranteed. Ametros has made no warranties, promises, representations or guarantees whatsoever about potential cost savings or the level of potential discounts obtained on any item, service or prescription payment.