Notice for Members and Providers Regarding Webster Bank Acquisition

Webster and Ametros logos

For Members:

Ametros is excited to announce that it is being acquired by Webster Bank. We want to reassure our members that Ametros will continue to operate under the trusted name of Ametros CareGuard, and there will be no impact on your account with us as a result of this acquisition.

Who is Webster Bank?

Webster Bank is one of the largest banks in the nation, as well as one of the top Health Savings Account (HSA) administrators. They have been a long-time partner of Ametros, and have historically held many of our members' funds.

Why is this change taking place?

Webster Bank has always believed in Ametros' mission to simplify healthcare for individuals following an insurance settlement. With this acquisition, Webster Bank seeks to support the growth and continuation of Ametros' valuable services.

Will my Ametros membership be impacted by the acquisition?

No, your membership and account remain secure with Ametros CareGuard. This change will not affect any aspect of your existing agreement or services with us.

How will this benefit me?

You will continue to enjoy the same great products and services with Ametros.

Are there any changes in customer service and support?

Our dedicated teams and customer support systems will remain unchanged. You can continue to expect the same level of exceptional service you have always received from us.

Will I be kept informed about any future changes?

We are committed to transparency and will keep you updated with any relevant information through our website and direct communications.

Where is my money held following the acquisition?

Your member funds will be safely held with Webster Bank.

For Providers:

Will there be any disruption in payments as a result of the acquisition?

There will be no disruption. Payment processes and methods will remain consistent, providing uninterrupted service.

Will my contact at Ametros change?

Your current contacts at the Provider Call Center will remain the same. You can continue to reach out to us just as you have in the past.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website's contact page, chat, or by calling us at 877-620-2221.