The Top 5 Misconceptions and Realities After Settlement: What an Administrator Sees

What happens when individuals make mistakes with their medical settlement funds or don’t fully understand how to use their account? When individuals don't understand their responsibilities after settlement, it not only impacts their treatment but their overall wellbeing. Our team has seen firsthand if these 5 critical areas are understood before settling, they will be better prepared for life after settlement. Hear from our team of experts that support injured individuals daily on the top 5 misconceptions after settlement and how an administration team can help overcome them.

Video Topics

  • Learn 5 critical settlement education points including what is covered and required when settling with an MSA, how medical funds can be used and more
  • Learn why addressing these misconceptions has a positive impact on settlement outcomes
  • Prevent risk for individuals, employers, or firms by understanding these misconceptions
  • Learn how individuals can leverage professional administration to avoid common mistakes after settlement