The Reality of Medicare Denials – Avoid Unanticipated Medicare Liability After a Settlement

Medicare is systematically denying MSA recipient’s claims after settlement, and with steady frequency. Produced with exclusive data from researchers at Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC), a CMS contractor, Ametros reveals a first-of-its-kind study analyzing how often CMS denies coverage for individuals after settlement of an insurance claim involving medical liability.

John Kane, VP of Strategy dives into the study’s data-backed trends with the study's authors, Jayson Gallant, Sr. Strategic Account Executive and Shawn Deane, General Counsel & SVP of Risk Management & Compliance of Ametros. Ametros’ research reveals denials are impacting the treatment of individuals who settled with WCMSAs. 

Video Topics

  • The volume and frequency of Medicare denials over the past few years
  • The correlation between WCMSAs and the Medicare Part B Program denials
  • The broad implications Medicare denials have for the individual and all constituents in the claims settlement process
  • Best practices to ensure individuals are being compliant with CMS’ requirements