The Post-Settlement Solution for Catastrophic Care: 4 Complex Case Scenarios

For injured individuals and families experiencing a catastrophic injury, comprehensive support is critical to ensure ongoing medical care is manageable. Administration offers an invaluable solution for navigating complex cases and providing the whole family with much needed relief! Get insights into the world of supporting complex claims from Ametros’ experts. Krista Johnson, Senior Director of Special Programs, Robin Piro, Assistant Manager VOC, and Katherine Saputo, CRT RCP, DME Assistant Manager, Member Care will examine how professional administration can provide a unique solution for managing catastrophic injuries through four complex case scenarios.

Video Topics

  • Complex Case Scenario 1: Protection of needs-based benefits through Trusts
  • Complex Case Scenario 2: Workers’ comp and third-party liability claims, especially with injuries involving multiple claims
  • Complex Case Scenario 3: Durable medical equipment, supplies, and services: Including prosthetics and home health support
  • Complex Case Scenario 4: Support needed for families or guardians