Lauren Murphy – Ametros Member Story Video & Transcript

So, it was a little over 10 years ago that I got the phone call that every parent fears. The first thing he said to me was, "How are you related to Lauren Murphy?" He then went on to tell me that she had been involved in an accident while she was out on a morning run. I went for a run, and uh, what's it, uh, a Mercedes? They hit me and I flipped up in the air. The car approached her at over 45 MPH. He had no time to react. She flew straight up in the air 10 ft, came back down, the car was still moving, her head hit the windshield, and she catapulted over 30 ft. When we arrived at the hospital, she was in rough shape. She had four brain surgeries and in one of those surgeries, she had to have her skull replaced. She was in the hospital for 127 days. Yes. And doctors told us that she would never walk again, she would never understand spoken words, she would never be able to read, she would never be able to write. When you're going through a settlement process, your head is spinning. You want to make sure you get the right amount for your child and for her future, but I didn't even think about the piece of all of the medical bills and the processing of that, and then the whole Medicare Set Aside. Dealing with a catastrophic injury, my focus is on her. I don't want to have to worry about sending reports to the government to make sure I have everything set. That was the beauty of Ametros. It was never even a decision I had to weigh. It was a no-brainer. We go to the doctor a lot and it's not always smooth sailing, but when it's not, I don't have to deal with the red tape. Ametros does it. One of the best things they did for us is, before everything was final, they did all the onboarding for us. They called all of Lauren's doctors, they explained the insurance program, how it worked, gave her insurance information, and had everything ready to go. So, when she went to her very next appointment, everything was there. I didn't have to do anything. I don't have to worry about my bills. I don't have to worry about my bills at all. That's the beauty of all of it, I don't have to think about it. We just keep moving forward and live our lives.