Jim Jones Ametros Member Story Video & Transcript

We had a bad winter and there was a lot of potholes. I had shoveled almost 50 ton of asphalt patch in 21 days. They told me that I had a 2-inch tear and two bulging discs and – “why are you working? You're done. You're basically done. You're not gonna get over this.”

It was hard to watch; it was life changing. We ended up having to get a lawyer to get everything settled. He gave us the name of a wonderful lady who works for Ametros she changed our life. It was the best decision we have ever made. She took a lot of stress, a lot of worry, she gave us hope.

It's going to be thousands of dollars that they'll be saving us – allowing us to use any source, and anything available to get that price down on anything that we need.

We can go to any drugstore and get the medication that he needs.

I now have a life because of meet rose and I can't thank them enough.