Getting Started with CareGuard Video & Transcript

Welcome to CareGuard by Ametros - The most trusted service that supports you after settlement.

At CareGuard we aim to help you save money on your healthcare, coordinate your healthcare - so you never have to touch a bill. And if you have a Medicare Set-Aside, we'll handle all the reporting for you.

When you become a CareGuard member you'll have a trusted team of experts to guide and support you. Our team is often involved around the time of your settlement, helping to understand your ongoing medical needs. Then when you reach a settlement agreement you will also be asked to sign our CareGuard member agreement. That lets you know our responsibilities to provide service for your benefit. Once all the paperwork is done and the settlement is finalized, CareGuard will receive a check with money meant to pay for your health care bills. The moment we receive your check we will notify you and we establish a separate secure bank account under your name. If your settlement is annuitized, we will coordinate with the annuity company to collect all future checks and deposit them in your account. You don't have to do a thing. With your CareGuard agreement signed in the money in your account, we will activate you as a CareGuard member. After your account is activated, we'll give you a call in 24 to 48 hours to get your doctor and pharmacy information. We'll work with them to provide the new billing information for your CareGuard account.

After you join CareGuard, we will send you a welcome packet within two days. This packet has helpful brochures about your account as well as your CareGuard card. You can carry your card in your wallet or conveniently access it through our portal on your mobile device. You can then show your card at the doctor's office or pharmacy like you would a normal insurance card. There are no co-payments or deductibles for doctor visits, hospital visits, prescription medicines, and durable medical equipment.

One of the major benefits of being a CareGuard member is that you can see any doctor you would like. With CareGuard we are able to secure significant discounts through our large network of providers and pharmacies. On average, we save you a remarkable 28%* on your annual health care expenses. Behind the scenes Ametros' CareGuard team will review all expenses to ensure they are accurate and apply our network discounts to determine the final discounted price. We also take care of all bills by paying them on your behalf, meaning you won't have to worry about or touch any bills ever. You can also review your transactions and personal information online at by logging in with your username and password. In your portal you can view your virtual card, bills, and savings and spending trends. Online chat to get 24/7 friendly support for your needs. Our team of care advocates is here to help answer any of your questions and provide you with the best support, ensuring you're taken care of after settlement.

At CareGuard we're here to help you live a happier healthier and more productive life. After settlement we have you covered. Click here to learn more and begin taking advantage of all that we offer you.