Getting Started with Amethyst Video & Transcript

Welcome to Amethyst by Ametros, an innovative medical tool to manage your medical funds. With Amethyst you'll be able to save money on your out-of-pocket healthcare costs, have the freedom to see the doctors you want to see, and all your medical bills will be processed through Amethyst. Additionally, if you have a Medicare Set-Aside or other settlement funds, Amethyst helps you by providing all the tools and data needed for you to get reporting prepared quickly and effortlessly. To begin you can navigate on your computer or phone to and register for an account. Once you register you can link your debit card with your Amethyst account and your digital Amethyst card will then be available immediately. With Amethyst you can also link your debit card to your Amethyst account. By linking your accounts, you'll have complete control of your funds while leveraging the power of Amethyst to pay for your health care needs, directly apply discounts, and track all your medical expenses.

After registering you'll receive your Amethyst welcome packet that includes your physical Amethyst card. When you pick up prescriptions or treat at the doctor's office, you can use your card like a traditional insurance card. With it there are no co-payments or deductibles for doctor visits, hospital visits, and prescription medicines. Behind the scenes the Amethyst team will review all of your bills to ensure they are accurate, then we apply our network discounts and determine the final discounted price. From there we will also take care of all of the billing by conveniently withdrawing funds from the debit card linked to your Amethyst account.

On average we save you a remarkable 21%* on your annual health care expenses. We also offer a convenient online portal for members who are on the go or want to check in on their account daily. In your online portal you can view your virtual card, bills and savings and spending trends, online chat to get friendly support for your needs, and if you have any more questions you can contact our friendly online and phone support team who is always ready to help you. At Amethyst we have you covered click here to start saving today.