Ametros & Structured Settlement Brokers Video & Transcript

Hi, I'm Porter Leslie, President of Ametros. We work closely with many of the Structured Settlement Brokers in the industry. We're here as you're putting together the financial plan for the injured party, to help address any of their medical concerns, and to put together a plan for their medical needs after settlement. Please feel free to reach out to us before settlement. We’ll assess the medical costs and all of their health care needs. Or even after settlement, if the injured party you recognize needs help managing their care - finding savings on their health care costs and taking care of all their billing or Medicare Set-Aside reporting. We're here to help you out and make sure the settlement gets done the right way. Folks are protected from both the defense and plaintiff side, and ultimately that the injured party is set up for success.

Oftentimes if you're structuring a case that involves a Medicare Set-Aside, then you need to know that Medicare highly recommends a Professional Administrator be involved. We are that specialist; you can bring us in, and we'll help address any concerns around Medicare Set-Aside administration