Ametros & Medicare Set Aside Providers Video & Transcript

Hi I'm Porter Leslie, President of Ametros.

We work closely with many Medicare Set-Aside vendors and folks that put together life care plans and allocations for future medical costs.

We can be a great compliment to your service by providing administration of the funds after settlement. By doing so, we make sure that the injured party will receive savings on their medical costs, that all the billing will come to us, and that we can help verify it and reduce it on behalf of the injured party. And ultimately if it's a Medicare Set-Aside allocation, we're ensuring compliance with Medicare's guidelines. In a way we are the culmination of the medicare secondary payer act.

Once the injured party reaches settlement, Medicare highly recommends that a professional administrator help them with their ongoing medical reporting so that their benefits are protected. So, you can see us as a great partner along the way - and we are happy to be a resource for you, for the injured party, or for any of the parties to settlement. Give us a call to discuss our services and how administration can be of great benefit to everyone involved (877)-275-7414.