Ametros & Defense Attorneys Video & Transcript

I am Porter Leslie, President of Ametros. If you're an adjuster handling a workers’ compensation or liability claim that involves bodily injury, many times the injured party or their attorney can be concerned about what happens after settlement with their ongoing medical needs. Addressing the injured party's medical concerns after settlement can be very difficult. A lot of times they don't know who they're going to turn to. We can be a great partner for you. We specialize in making sure that person is taken care of after they settle. We'll receive all their medical bills for them and reduce them. We'll make sure that with all the treatment they need, we're a helping hand to make them find the right providers that are closest to them and the most affordable. On top of that, if it's a Medicare Set-Aside, we're making sure that the account is properly reported to Medicare, so their Medicare benefits are protected

Feel free to get us involved along the way in the settlement process. We're happy to speak with you, we're also happy to speak directly with the injured party and the attorney to explain how our services can be a benefit so that the settlement works for all parties involved.