5 Important Things to Know for Your Upcoming Doctor or Pharmacy Visit:

  • Bring Your CareGuard Card and Provider Letter that was sent in the mail.
  • Sign up or log in to your online CareGuard Portal.
  • At your appointment, show your CareGuard card as your form of payment.
  • If your pharmacy or provider is having issues billing CareGuard, call us at 877-620-2221 and we will walk them through the process of setting it up. Once your card is set up as payment the first time, you'll have no future issues at this location.
  • Don't forget to bring your card to every future doctor and pharmacy visit to ensure your bills go directly to CareGuard so we can apply network discounts and ensure your reporting is accurate if you have a Medicare Set Aside.

How Your CareGuard Card Works


Bring Your CareGuard Card

Make sure to bring your CareGuard card to all of your doctor's and pharmacy visits related to your settlement injury. You can go to any doctor and pharmacy. No utilization review or denials as long as it's Medicare-covered and injury-related.

CareGuard card in a wallet image

Your Bills Automatically Come to Us

You'll never have to touch a bill as they will all be automatically directed to us where we will facilitate payment.

Careguard portal image

We Reduce the Bills and Apply Discounts

We review all bills looking for ways to lower the cost and apply discounts.

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For Medicare Set Aside Accounts

Never worry about required annual reporting - We submit everything on your behalf, ensuring your benefits are protected.

Medicare set aside account image

If you have any questions or need any help,
call us at 877-620-2221

Log in to your CareGuard Portal