Scott Brener

General Counsel

Scott Brener is a Board Professional and Executive Leader with extensive experience in highly regulated industries such as insurance and health. His strategic planning and execution skills have driven business transformation and achieved ambitious objectives. With senior leadership roles in both private and public sectors, Scott excels in regulatory execution, benefiting companies of all sizes. In his 30-year career, Scott has held leadership positions in government and private sectors.

As the former Minnesota Commissioner of Labor, he influenced labor policy focusing on workers' compensation and government reforms. Recognized as one of the nation's most innovative regulatory thinkers, Scott has also made significant contributions in the insurance and health sectors, serving in executive roles at companies like SFM, Cadence RX, FIGUR8, and Ametros. Currently, he chairs the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Foundation Board, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Business Services Board, and is involved in various community and educational boards.