Ametros 2021 Member Impact Report

To Our Members and Clients,

Welcome to our 2021 Ametros Annual Impact Report! We are hoping this report will provide you with helpful information, transparency into the different benefits Ametros provides, as well as insight into our member, client, and employee experience.

Ametros Member Impact Report on laptop

Each year our Impact Report continues to evolve, with the goal of creating a comprehensive, transparent report about Ametros. This includes how we incorporate our mission and values into our work, our levels of customer service, the impact we are making with our members, partners, and employees, and a deep dive into the savings we are able to provide for our members.

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We want to thank our members and partners for providing us with the continuous feedback we need to keep improving as an organization, as well as putting their trust in all of us so we can help make your lives easier.

What Will You Learn from this Report?

  • Key statistics, financial breakdowns, and savings including case sizes managed and average member savings
  • Our member impact including member experience and turnaround insights
  • Our partner impact and partner network footprint
  • Full provider, prescription, and DME member savings breakdowns


The Ametros Executive Team

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