Discounts on Non-Medicare Covered Items

For individuals that settle with a Medicare Set-Aside, the CMS requires that MSA funds are spent on items that are Medicare-covered. For members that need non-Medicare covered treatment, Ametros offers both our Amethyst and CareGuard services for discounts on those items. There are thousands of individuals that settle their case without a formal MSA but still need help navigating the complex healthcare world and could benefit from Ametros’ access to medical discounts on their care.

Our goal is to provide our members with the resources and support that they need to make their lives simple after they settle, and we continue to evolve our services to reflect their needs.  Managing a Medicare Set Aside is one piece of the larger puzzle.  Ametros provides a myriad of services that can benefit the injured individual thereby resulting in a more seamless settlement process for all parties to the settlement. You can find out more about these services by getting in touch with our team here.

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