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Settle Cases with Future Medical Exposure

Ametros works with insurance adjusters and risk managers to help you settle open medical claims. The resources and support that Ametros provides injured individuals help them feel more comfortable with settlement because they know they will be taken care of after the claim is closed. On cases where claimants have fears about settling, Ametros provides direct outreach to help explain our services.

Find out how Ametros works with Adjusters from our President, Porter Leslie!
  • Settle Claims More Quickly
    Ametros provides you with resources to help settle more open medical claims. Our experience addressing medical concerns leads to more cases settled.
  • Overcome Barriers to Settlement
    Ametros' services provide the claimant with resources, support, and reassurance for that they will be taken care of once they settle the case.
  • Think of Us as Settlement Assistance
    Ametros will help coordinate all parties to a settlement, and will perform direct outreach to the injured individual and the attorneys involved to explain our services when needed.

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Our resource center has guides, tip sheets, webinar recordings and more to help you learn about workers' compensation and Medicare set aside administration

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*Disclaimer: Any potential discounts or savings for medical treatment, including but not limited to, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and/or healthcare items and services, are not guaranteed. Ametros has made no warranties, promises, representations or guarantees whatsoever about potential cost savings or the level of potential discounts obtained on any item, service or prescription payment. There are no assurances that prior successes or past results as to cost savings will be applicable to a Member on any of Ametros’ platforms. For additional information, please see our Terms & Conditions Page.