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Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3)

  • Clarification of WCMSA Non-beneficiary Threshold;
  • Low Dollar Threshold for Medicare Beneficiaries;
  • Use of WC Settlement Funds Prior to Medicare Entitlement;
  • Avoiding the Continuation of Indemnity Payments While Waiting for CMS to Review a WC Medicare Set-aside Arrangement (WCMSA);
  • Settlement of WC Medical Expenses Prior to Submission to CMS;
  • Treatment of Taxable Interest Income Earned on a WCMSA;
  • Sample Submission of a WCMSA;
  • Group Health Plan (GHP) Insurance and Veteran’s Administration (VA) Coverage;
  • Loss of Medicare Entitlement after CMS Approval of a WCMSA;
  • Beneficiaries that Request Termination of WCMSA Funds;
  • Compromising of Future Medical Expenses;
  • Additional Information Submission after WCMSA Case is Closed;
  • Effect of WCMSA on Medicaid Eligibility;
  • CMS Recognition of State Specific Statutes;