Resolving Future Medicals under Medicare Secondary Payer

Shawn Deane, General Counsel at Ametros and Rasa Fumagalli, Director of MSP Compliance at Synergy Settlement Services, cover requirements under Medicare Secondary Payer when resolving claims involving future / post-settlement medicals. Rasa and Shawn discuss obligations under the MSP, as well as options available to parties and settlement strategies and solutions.

Key Learnings

• Background on Medicare Secondary Payer including an overview on compliance obligations to Medicare
• An overview of Medicare Set Asides (MSAs) including MSA allocation types, CMS methodology, and the importance of protecting Medicare’s interest
• An overview of Liability Medicare Set Asides (LMSAs) and a current update on the pending proposed rule
• An overview of professional administration
• How to leverage professional administration as a settlement solution

About the Speakers

Shawn has over a decade of experience practicing law and in Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance as an industry thought leader. He was previously Vice President of Medicare Compliance & Policy at ISO Claims Partners. Prior to that he practiced insurance defense litigation and healthcare law.

Rasa and her team provide plaintiff attorneys with initial consultations to address any Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues related with their clients’ personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. Previously Rasa has worked as a workers’ compensation insurance defense attorney and has focused her practice on Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues over the last decade.


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