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Say Goodbye to, We Are Now Just!

We are excited to announce that our website URL has officially changed from to

In the midst of getting our official domain name, we have also made four major upgrades and improvements to our website including introducing some new videos and revamping some pages! Check them out:

1. New CareQuote Video

We have added a new animated video explaining our service, CareQuote! Find out how CareQuote works, how you can use this service, and the benefits of using CareQuote during settlements to compare self-pay rates vs. rates on our CareGuard or Amethyst platforms.


2. New CareGuard Onboarding Video

We have also added another new animated video that explains how injured individuals become members on our CareGuard platform once they settle their case. We help injured individuals before, during, and especially after the settlement process. Find out how we become lifelong partners for our members with CareGuard:

3. Our site is faster and better than ever before!

With better technology and improved networks, our site speed has increased! You'll notice shorter loading times on pages, and a better user experience overall.


4. Updated Workers' Compensation Page

We have revamped our Workers' Compensation information page to be more user friendly! This page now includes sections on: What to do if injured at work, how we work with workers' compensation cases, and some some the most frequently asked questions. We also offer free consultations on any case that you may think Ametros could benefit! 

Visit the New Work Comp Page

5. Updated Medicare Set Asides Accounts Page

We have also given a face lift to our Medicare Set Aside Accounts page. This page now features a video explaining Medicare Set Asides & Professional Administration, explains how Ametros works with these accounts, CMS' requirements, and frequently asked questions. This new page is a one stop shop for everything you need to know about Medicare Set Aside accounts!

Visit the New MSA Accounts Page

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