December 17, 2018 • Ametros Updates

Sales Spotlight: Karissa Hearn

Karissa joined Ametros as Client Development Manager, where she focuses on building and nurturing strong relationships with our clients, for Arizona & Colorado in November of 2017. She's well-seasoned in the industry, and prior to Ametros, Karissa owned a Workers' Comp Marketing Firm. We got a chance to chat with her, and found out what she's up to for the holidays this year!



What’s your favorite part of your role/what makes you happy in this position?

Our industry can be polarized. I love working as a neutral entity to bring all the different parties together. When we collaborate as a team, we can resolve unforeseen issues and in many cases, achieve an outcome that is favorable for all. It’s incredibly rewarding when everyone walks away a winner. The icing on the cake is that Ametros gets to help the injured party begin the next chapter of their post settlement life.

If you weren’t a salesperson what would you be?

Honestly, I don’t really consider myself a salesperson. I’m just an individual who is deeply passionate about helping people and doing the right thing. I love my role at Ametros but if I were to do anything else… I would probably be a stand-up comedian, a mediator or a traveling food & wine critic.

Do you have a mentor that made an impact on developing your career? Who & how did they help?

There have been countless people who have contributed to my growth over the years. There are too many to name but they know who they are. I have been fortunate to have mentors who’ve taught me to be strong, compassionate, collaborative and resilient. My parents also taught me to laugh through challenging times and that’s served me well.

To pass the time when you travel to a conference, what do you do?

The only time that I sit still is when forced to do so on a plane. I use the time to get caught up on emails, administrative tasks and reading. I’ve also been known to do a bit of unauthorized personal online shopping. My UPS driver and I have an agreement: He hides my purchases in a secret location in order to avoid detection by my husband prior to my return home.

What sort of advice would you give colleagues in your industry?

Maintain your integrity, it’s your most valuable currency. Also, don’t forget to laugh and have fun. We all have difficult days. Laugh through the challenges, find humor in the ridiculous situations and try to bring joy to those around you.

What’s your favorite state that you’ve visited & for what reason?

This is an impossible question. Completely depends on my current mood and objective: Hawaii, California, Colorado, New York, Montana, Pennsylvania, Oregon.

What are you most excited for this holiday season?

It’s all about my daughters & family during the holidays. I never imagined I’d be a wife let alone a mom, so being able to build our own traditions makes this season really special.

Fun Facts:

I grew up in a log cabin, on an organic garlic farm in rural Oregon.

I also worked in Private Aviation for the first half of my career. Back when I was cool.

My motto is…

Work hard, love hard and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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