September 9, 2020 • Ametros Updates

Ametros Success Story | Charles Davoli: “Due Diligence to Your Client Doesn’t End at Settlement”





Charles Davoli

Attorney at Charles R. Davoli, LLC., Mediator, Teacher



"Ametros has a good product. I'm a former president for the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group. It gives you some comfort to know that if you settle your clients’ Worker's Comp case - and a lot of them cannot be responsible for the money, and a lot of them probably wouldn't take care of their future medical needs, and that's what Ametros does. CMS now recommends Professional Administration of set-asides, and in  larger set-asides you almost need professional administration.

And so, in the middle of the mediation, I'll get a representative, I'll put them on the speaker phone. Here, these people may have some questions. It's amazing how many attorneys, particularly on the defense side, they're not really familiar with professional administration services that are available out there. So, I'm able to bring that right in at the time of the decision-making on the Medicare set-aside. So there's a certain comfort there, that loyalty or due diligence to your client doesn't end at the time of settlement, that it goes beyond that - that you've left them in good hands. You want somebody who's in the business, and Ametros knows what they're doing. So why wouldn't you at least consider them? They do their homework and they give you an honest answer. I wouldn't put this shirt on and support Ametros if I didn't think it was a credible and reliable organization. The people that know me know that."


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