"I now have a life because of Ametros, and I can’t thank them enough” – hear from our member, Jim

Amethyst - How It Works

We're here to help you manage your medical funds after settlement

The Amethyst Healthcard maximizes your medical funds by linking to your existing bank account, facilitating all care-related payments. Members never touch a medical bill, and always remain in complete control of their medical funds. The Amethyst Healthcard secures discounted pricing for members on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment purchases, doctor and hospital bills, saving 21% on average.

Amethyst's online portal offers:

  • A seamless user experience while minimizing the administrative hassle of managing medical funds
  • Instant reporting on expenses including interactive charts to see medical usage trends, balance by month and claims processed over time
  • 24/7 support with instant messages
  • Organization of data for Medicare Set-Aside compliance and automatic sending of reports to Medicare upon request

Settle well, with peace of mind knowing you are still in full control of your medical funds, while having the expertise and experience of Ametros at your disposal to assist with anything you may encounter during your road to recovery.

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